3 Ways to Get Excess Stuff Out of Your House

If you’re like me the junk and clutter seem to grow on its own. I don’t know where it always comes from, but I do know how to get rid of it.

If you’re someone who follows the latest home organizing trends, you’ve probably heard Downsizing, Minimalism, or Decluttering being talked about. All three are methods of reducing the belongings found in your home to varying degrees.

Here are the 3 Basics to reducing what you own that you no longer use, need, or is broken. You can;

  • Donate
  • Sell
  • Throw away or recycle

But deciding which to apply to your stuff can sometimes be daunting. This simple 4 steps process is what I use to get the excess stuff out of my house.

Step 1 – Find Boxes

Go to a local Liquor Store or Moving Box company and pick up 3 boxes (size and quantity will be determined by the size of space you’re working in). Label them with Donate, Sell and Recycle so at the end of your process you easily know which box is which. Grab a few trash bags as well. You’re bound to have some trash there too.

Step 2 – Set Time Aside

Grab some liquid courage and carve out some time to sort through the space you’re working on.

This sounds like a funny step, but we all seem to have an emotional connection with our junk.

Step 3 – Get to Sorting

Knowing what to do with something is half the battle.

Try not to overthink this step too much. When you pick up an item ask yourself which box it should go into and put it in that box.

Here are some ideas for deciding which boxes to put your stuff into;

  • If it’s something of value, try selling it on a local Classifieds site (Don’t hang on to it too long or it’ll become an item of clutter again. After a week or two, start discounting it or just donate it.)
  • If you don’t have the time to sell things, try a Consignment Store or just donate it.
  • If it’s a sentimental piece, make a box for such items and set a calendar reminder to go through it more thoughtfully at a future date. You don’t want to rush getting rid of things that hold memories.
  • If an item is badly damaged, know that Thrift Stores and Charities won’t want it either. Throw it away or take it to the proper recycling facility:
    • Bottle Depots will accept Glass, Styrofoam, Plastic Bags, Cardboard, and Small Appliances
    • Metal Recyclers
    • Battery Recyclers
    • Old Paint or Oil
    • Tech Recyclers

Step 4 – Get it out

When you’re done, make a point of taking the stuff away! Don’t let it sit in your entry or garage or shed. Many Charities provide pick-up service, or call a Junk Removal company, especially if it’s large items.

The key is to get it out of your space as soon as you can.

I hope this helps. Clearing out the excess can be challenging. If it wasn’t Netflix wouldn’t have a show with Marie Kondo.

Now go enjoy you’re freed up square footage and toast yourself for a job well done!

Happy cleaning.